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    Jim wrote:
    If it appeared to Andre's somewhat paranoid frame of mind that my intent was to bash another poster, he was wrong.

    Instead of continuing to participate in an on-going discussion about the issue, you decided to open a new discussion thread with someone's user name as the title questioning their motives.

    Despite you denial, it is blatantly obvious what you were doing.


    At the potential expense of a ban from here, I refuse to assuage someone else's shallow ego when their creative endeavors fall so far short of amazing.


    I have let this get personal when that was never my intent (btw - Andre, sorry about the last PM, well sort of).
    I think its worth noting that I've received some seriously nasty character assassination merely for stating my opinion.

    You were the one assassinating someone else's character.

    Considering that you clearly did not get the hint, immediately opened up yet another thread about the topic (camouflaged with comments regarding hardware), sent me that lovely PM and publically acknowledged that you expected to be banned for your behaviour but did not care, your account will be banned for 2 weeks.
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