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    Original topic title: No apologies for the 'Turd sandwhich'

    If it appeared to Andre's somewhat paranoid frame of mind that my intent was to bash another poster, he was wrong.
    What I was questioning, and it is a very valid point, is why were are getting such a hard sell from a clearly biased individual who is a stakeholder in the success of this flawed hardware.

    If you all want to offer free license to anyone that wants to sell their wares here, so be it.

    But frankly, I'd be embarrassed to offer something that has this many intentionally designed in flaws.

    I know they don't want to offer something that might compete with their higher end products, but really this board design is closer to what Paul Gentle and I were discussing before the X1000 was released (years ago).

    Its dated, overpriced, under powered, and uses a processor we have discussed repeatedly as one to be avoided.

    At the potential expense of a ban from here, I refuse to assuage someone else's shallow ego when their creative endeavors fall so far short of amazing.

    Whether that bothers Andre OR A-eon's Linux guru is none of my concern.

    Tabor? No, this is the turd sandwich board and no amount of bread is going to make this one taste any better.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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