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    Jim wrote:
    Actually, it becomes apparent that few here have a decent understanding of legal issues..........

    AND the license probably is transferable to an assignee.

    The last part of your message above that includes the word "PROBABLY", indicates that you also do not know for sure if the license can legally be transferred to an assignee. I agree that it would not automatically revert to Amiga Inc., but it is less clear if it can be sold to a third party to help satisfy creditors by the court appointed person who is responsible for dissolving any assets of the company to pay all creditors who file a claim.

    Like I said, where is my popcorn! I kind of doubt that Ben Hermans is going to let Hyperion go bankrupt, unless it become clear that it is too costly to keep it. Since most of the work being done is by voluntary, unpaid developers, I don't see how the amount of money owed by Hyperion could be so high he would allow it to become bankrupt. As some others have suggested elsewhere, I think that this happened because of neglect and trying to not pay some bills for too long a period of time, and someone filed the proper court documents to force Hyperion to act, and Ben Hermans either did not take the action seriously, or was not aware of it until the court action had already taken place.

    The salaries and office rent bills for an almost non-existant company the size of Hyperion can't be that high, and I imagine that Ben Hermans spends 99.5% of his time on other work to make income to pay his bills and that Hyperion and the Amiga is far down his priority list of concerns.
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