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    Yasu wrote:

    I just got this reply from the curator:

    "The company announced to start an opposition procedure according to the Belgian Bankruptcy Act. In that case the Court can take a decision to annul the first Court decision which means it is like no insolvency proceeding has even been pronounced."

    This mean that it wasn't Hyperion themselves who filed for bankruptcy but someone else. Interesting! :-)

    We know that there are debts to unpaid developers (and perhaps others as well), we know that Hyperion doesn't have a viable business going since their income is so low they don't even have no VAT liability since over a year back (a hot dog vendor makes more money), also mening there can't be any paid employees at all, and former partner Evert Carton (who has more insight than anyone else) seems very eager to clear his name from any responsibility and liability concerning Hyperion. In any case, things are *not* well at Hyperion.

    I suppose it's up to Ben Hermans now to prove in the "opposition process" that everything is fine and dandy, and that the insolvence filing is erroneous somehow. It will take more than him just saying so. But that man is a slippery weasle, so maybe he get away with it somehow, we'll see...
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