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    > Office-jet (as most inkjets) don't understand
    > postscript - you have to go over Turboprint.

    Not necessarily:

    "Drivers are represented using PPD (PostScript Printer Description) files, which support both Postscript and non-Postscript printers. [...] PPD files for Postscript printers will be added and they are ready to work. PPD files for other printers (PCL/SPL/ESCPR) contain reference to filter file (actual driver which translates data to printer binary format)." (emphasis mine)

    "Added driver for HP PCL5 printer"

    So if his OfficeJet printer speaks PCL5, he should be able to cope without TurboPrint and use the new (since MorphOS 3.10) printing system instead.

    > install Ghostscript


    > it makes much more sense, to user printers, which understand PCL [...]

    There's a chance his OfficeJet printer does exactly that, I think.
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