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    pikewerfer escribió:
    New Day, new discoveries :-)

    @NewSense - thank you for your email, I sent you the fonts. Have fun playing around.

    @Templario - thank you for the hint. I installed FontTester and loaded both fonts. Both fonts were read, so it SEEMS that the freetype.library used by MorphOS is indeed able to load OpenType data - or at least load TT and PS outlines stored in an OpenType.

    However, the FontTester only shows standard characters. So only BASIC LATIN and LATIN EXTENDED (the w01 and w02 codepages, i.e. the first two codepages of a font).

    In other words, only 132 characters are shown - but Syntax has 385 characters. I strongly assume MorphOS is only loading the first two codepages, assuming that there is nothing else in there (which used to be the case with TT and PS fonts).

    Unfortunately, standard OT fonts can have up to 56 000 chars included. If my assumption is correct, then installing a Chinese font would not enable you to write Chinese, because you would never be able to reach those codepages that host those several thousand chars.

    Still, looks like the fonts as such a functional and also render ok. So at least for users using Latin scripts (aka English), it is possible to use professional OpenTypes. Nice! :-)

    @JVC - I tried using ShowCase, and that did work. I was able to include both fonts as text into the image.

    So all in all I would say: More fonts would make MorphOS more "morphy". :-D

    The special charapters or symbols as in the cases of cirilic for Greek, chinesse or japanese kanji, they can show if the program or game uses them, but not if the program or game use the system default fonts and you use MorphOS with other language for example english, this feature from Windos doesn't work in Amiga systems, but if your game or program use the special fonts loaded they are show, for example my experiment fame Sabrina, cans show the the chinese and japanesse languages even in the menu but only under Windows in MorphOS and AmigaOS4 not, but the text inside the window they were showed perfectly in these Amiga systems.
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