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    Chefsessel wrote:
    1.) OWB does have a memory leak, does it? I have the memory module activated at the top bar and it is so irritating to see memory usage constantly grow to like 70% when browsing the web. Once I close OWB, it jumps back to like 10% usage or something ...

    Yes, and to be more precise it's the WebKit's JavaScript engine which leaks like hell, and it does so on every other program/platform too (like with Safari on OSX). But luckily OWB tracks down the leaks and frees the memory when it is quitted! You can try to free some memory in run time by pressing the F12 key, but generally it's better just to restart the browser when needed. You come across with insanely heavy javascript pages nowadays, and even with 1GB mem you need to restart now and then...


    2.) Struggling a bit with the Icon system in Ambient. I now understand what .info files are for and why some files are invisible. Still a bit awkward having to activate "view all files" every time. Is there a way to easy copy + paste a generic .info file in order to get a simple folder? Or can I make the "view all files" default ? (haven't found the setting yet)

    Check "Settings -> Ambient -> Window -> View Behaviour", there you can define default view and view mode. I like to keep them as List and All Files. I rarely do anything in the icon mode myself.. I just have snapshotted My MorphOS in the list mode and open it by double clicking anywhere in the desktop to get access to the filesystem.


    3.) I noticed there is MorphOS Files, MorphOS Software Database and Aminet? Where do you guys get the latest files? (I do use the excellent Grunch, but I am looking for things like Icon-Sets)

    MorphOS Storage is the one which is kept most up-to-date nowadays, check it and Aminet regularly and you keep pretty well informed.


    4.) The skinability of MorphOS is excellent! Reminds me of the old classic MacOS days. Having a computer look the way I like is great :-) I think I once saw a video of a MorphOS computer having an animated background where leafs would fall down the screen. Where can I get that?

    Unfortunately that's a 3rd party extension for OS4 only (Candi).


    5.) Is there a keyboard shortcut for iconifying the active window? (it's a bit tedious to use the menu every time I want put OWB on pause)

    Hmm.. can't remember now if there's a shortcut, but if you don't have the iconify gadget on your top right window border, enable it from the global MUI settings (I'd advice enabling it globally instead of per program) from Windows -> Borders section. That's way more easier to click than doing something from menus.

    But I'd say you're doing it wrong when you are thinking to iconify it in regular use :) I'd strongly recommend you to put OWB on its own screen instead of trying to use it among other windows. When on own screen you don't have to iconify it ever, you can just quickly swap screens to switch from the OWB to the Ambient desktop. Here's a how-to: http://library.morph.zone/Getting_Started#Making_OWB_to_Use_Its_Own_Screen


    6.) I got a good solid post script compatible printer (Kyocera FS-1370DN). Is Postscript printing possible via MorphOS?

    Yes, it's easy and you don't have to install anything (DON'T install Ghostscript if anyone suggest that). As you probably want to use it via network, just configure Netprinter and Printer settings somehow like this (Laserjet5series can be more compatible than the 6 shown in the example picture, if you can't find better driver for your printer. That has worked for my Lexmarks etc.) and mount NETPAR: device (do "Mount NETPAR:" on the shell, or add such line to your S:user-startup). After those you can select NETPAR: as output on OWB, VPDF, etc and just print as PS.


    7.) Is there a website dedicated to MorphOS software reviews ? I'd really like to get to know what software is around. I'd be looking for sort of a financial planning software to keep track our family spendings ? Or a messenger supporting the ICQ protocol?

    Amiga Future magazine has regular reviews of MorphOS software too, but I don't know about that kind of site...

    Maybe this thread helps with that financial software issue:

    /me is a hardcore IRC user and don't know anything about ICQs or messengers :P
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