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    As mentioned in the other thread, I've contacted Woody about FinalWriter again after ten years and to my surprise he did indeed reply.

    I've sent Fraggle a PM with his e-mail address and what he told me. While I highly doubt that even Fraggle could put up enough money for Woody to sell, maybe a platform independent (i.e. AmigaOS, OS4, MorphOS, AROS) bounty project, kickstarted by Fraggle, could reach enough money?

    To sum up what he told me:

    [list]- He still owns the source code, Tommy Hwang had only distribution rights for a limited number of finished products.

    - He would be willing to sell the source rights; but no one in all these years has mentioned money sufficient enough for him to take the offer seriously.

    - One has to understand, though, that there was technology licensed by him for the speller, thesaurus, etc. which he can't re-license. Any modules of Final Writer that contain licensed code would need to be re-written or licensed from the licensees.

    - He does also own the source code to the old ProWrite word processor.

    - As for making modifications to the code for a new buyer, the option is open; but it would probably be more cost effective for a new buyer to outsource that himself rather than paying Softwood to do so.

    - He also owns the source to Final Data.

    - Final Calc, though, was written by Khalid Aldoseri, so he owns the rights to that source.[/list]
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