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    There were some talks with a few people about changing licensing scheme BUT nothing was decided yet. On the one hand selling istead of giving it away for donations will mean that I could spend more time on it but on the other a lot of people already donated (keep in mind that it's maintained by Targhan and refunds to all people that donated won't be easy, paypal will charge again for sending money, etc) and some of them might also don't like that money was kept for about one year, as they could spend them on something else. So, there're some pros and some contras of changing license scheme. And NOTHING was decided yet. BUT i'd suggested that if someone wants to donate now, he should wait until everything will be resolved. And most important - my main focus now is coding, not talking about money :-). And I won't decide anything until browser will be ready.

    PS. Closing source won't mean that it'll be MOS only. Versions for other amiga and amiga-alike system still are considered.
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