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    WinUAE isn't perfect but it covers just about anything you can do on the Amiga that you can't do elsewhere. That's what it was designed for.

    Playing later Amiga games like Napalm, Payback (with caveats) Foundation or Genetic Species will run faster than any real Amiga system (won't comment on Vampire as I haven't seen it in action). And whdload works on basic 040+MMU emulation. You can play any Amiga game you like, from ADF for WHDLoad images: I don't know if there's a single one that is incompatible with WinUAE.

    Playing Doom or Quake on it is iffy, but you can play doom on Windows. Same with watching video or browsing.

    When phase5 decided to go the PPC route, there still was a genuine advantage in being able to mix old Amiga software with new, even doing things like using PPC-native shared libraries with old 68k apps which AROS for example could not do. Not to mention that you'd lose most of the interest if you decided to just launch a new non-backwards-compatible OS.

    Today, that need is long gone. Insisting on PPC is still chasing that late 90s Amiga that doesn't even work in this day and age. There's simply no need for it any more.

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