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    I've been experimenting this week trying to get WarpOS working with WinUAE, trying to get xpkBZIP.library working for a benchmark I was putting together for preparation of a wikipedia page on xpk I was putting together (but which was rejected for lack of references.)

    (I'd sort of got WarpOS working, although it was flaky and tended to work differently between reboots. And I couldn't get P96 working with it, even with PIV emulation and so on.)

    But as I put my UAE image back to how it was so that powerpc.library wasn't crashing it when I'd switched PPC emulation off, I began thinking of how long it would take WinUAE/QEmu to get it right when the thought struck me:


    Most PPC software isn't necessary any more. The PPC games on Amiga can all be found on other platforms, or run on 68k. Most of MorphOS' better software comes with MorphOS. And the situation isn't any better on OS4. I can't even preserve Amiga stuff like xpk on wikipedia because there are literally zero non-forum third party references to draw on.

    I'm still wondering how you guys think any more than six people will go out and buy a mega-expensive PPC system to go run Amiga NG on.

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