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    >>> the alternative is a lame iPad lookin thing for $1200 from Hyperion
    >>> that only runs at 800mhz and has a crappy 256mb of ram.

    >> "iPad lookin"? "$1200"? "800mhz"? "256mb of ram"? You sound severely confused.

    > http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/11/10/23/2312219/hyperion-promises-an-amigaos-netbook

    Please tell me:

    1. Where do you read "$1200" in that article?
    2. Where do you read "256mb of ram" in that article?
    3. Where do you read "800mhz" in that article?
    4. How's that netbook "iPad lookin"?

    In fact, it was said by the powers that be that the netbook is going to

    - cost "about 300 to 500 US-Dollar" and that the "quoted price includes the AmigaOS 4.x license"
    - come with "512 MB memory"

    And we already know enough on the specs to conclude quite safely that it will be clocked at 400 MHz. Furthermore, there's no indication that an OEM version of the LimeBook will look anything like an iPad, which is a tablet computer, not a netbook.
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