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    BurnTwice wrote:

    supporting up to date hardware on the PC side is quite difficult because product cycles are short and manpower on the MorphOS side small.

    You are right... But only in part! See, the Team is actually supporting a very important part of the system, relying on, precisely PC hardware: Those old but nice ATi graphics cards.


    it makes more sense (I think) to choose Apple X86 machines as targets for MorphOS

    Thant's not required, thankfully: Products from that brand are known for excellent engineering and build quality, but outrageous prices for the functions they feature.

    If. If. If. If. If MorphOS for PCs ever exists, the team won't ask you to buy a certain PC model. They'll just say which chips MorphOS 4.0 supports, and you'll have to find a computer that has them all finely soldered or plugged in. If you think about it, it's no different from the current sittuation.


    amigadave wrote:

    my "New-to-ME" 17" 1.67GHz G4 PowerBook which will be my most used computer from now on and I am going to sell my MacBook tomorrow

    WOOOHOOO! x86 being ditched for PowerPC! Now the world has turned upside down! Go Dave! Is that suporting a pltform or what?
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