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    I think that idea, to support Intel powered Mac computers if/when the MorphOS Dev. Team makes a switch away from PPC to any other architecture will very likely be met with several loud cries against such a move, from those that do not like Apple products, usually because they do not like the company, or Steve Jobs, but also because the price of Intel Macs is higher than similar hardware used to build a generic PC, or PC's manufactured by other high volume PC manufacture's, such as Dell, HP/Compaq and others.

    I like Apple products, so I would not mind being able to continue dual booting into MorphOS and MacOSX on an Apple computer w/Intel inside, but I fear I am in the minority and most would prefer a cheaper option to build their own x86 MorphOS machines than pay the high prices of new Intel Mac computers, or to have to repeat the process of purchasing used first generation Intel hardware, instead of what ever is current at that time.

    jcmarcos wrote:
    [QUOTE] But development is fast and therefore time is short to support new components (drivers), especially for small market companies in the Amigaoid sector. [/QUOTE]

    I don't quite understand your statement quoted above, as I believe the opposite. I think that due to the small size of the MorphOS Dev. Team, it will take an extended time for the MorphOS Dev. Team to support the latest x86/x64 hardware, compared to the other mainstream OSes, and we will always be using hardware that is some months, or perhaps even years behind the latest and greatest, just released hardware that has Windows, or MacOSX support and to a slightly lesser degree, hardware supported by Linux and other niche x86/x64 OSes that are already established.

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are meaning, or trying to write?
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