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    @ jcmarcos

    True, you have a great variety of components in the PC sector.
    On the other hand, the amount of different chipsets has declined over the years since PCs conquered the marked and a lot of companies were founded. Today, there are few left in comparison.

    But development is fast and therefore time is short to support new components (drivers), especially for small market companies in the Amigaoid sector.

    Even for Apple this seems to be the point, they select hardware for each line of their products, so in model x is always the same hardware which can be supported thoroughly. The product cycles are not so fast like in the Wintel world, the same with consoles etc.

    Quite the strategy like in the good old home computer times :-)

    To put it all into a nutshell, I see no problem to switch to
    specific X86 systems and to support it. And...why not profit again from Apple?s efforts and after their PPC-machines support their well tested X86 machines in the future? ;-)
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