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    Jim wrote:

    "someone told me that even the MorphOS Team said they will stop using PowerPC in 2013"

    I'd hate to have devoted this much time to PPC systems if there is such a time table.

    Your could easily put your hate aside if, in the end, you get a better computer to run your favourite software on. Being "better computer" defined as faster, with more functions, cheaper and widely available. PowerPC processors are nice, of course, but not enough to tie a life to them. We'd already made that mistake with the original Amiga chipset. Many of the ones surviving suffer no hate after replacing them with regular components, driven by regular buses.

    Now, let's face the idea of porting such a tight operating system and drivers to, say, 1,000,000 possible combination of pieces that people call "PC". Even if the MorphOS Team is a small crowd of geniuses, I'd be terrified at that scenario.
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