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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > If MorphOS moves to the X86 platform, I will stay with Windows.

    In a recent interview Pascal "phoenixkonsole" Papara (the man behind AresOne and AROS distribution Broadway) told:

    "On the Amiga Event in Essen someone told me that even the MorphOS Team said they will stop using PowerPC in 2013."

    Would be interesting to know who this "someone" was and if this "someone's" alleged statement resembles the truth in any way. Maybe the MorphOS Team can clarify if there really ever was such definite thing (like "2013") said by them.

    Clearly a statement that requires a response.
    I'd hate to have devoted this much time to PPC systems if there is such a time table.
    Any developers (especially those who were at Essen) care to comment?
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