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    > I remember a certain "trevordisk" user, maybe even here, in MorphZone.

    I take it you mean "trevordick", not "trevordisk". And you're right, he's been a MorphZone member since October 2005:


    And yes, it was somewhat stupid from me to refer to his amigaworld.net postings when the evidence is right here on MorphZone ;-)

    > Then, why sending his investors down the AmigaOS route, which is
    > inferior MorphOS? Thes "tha brand" have that much power?

    I don't know his motivation for preferring OS4 over MorphOS in this regard. It might have to do with brand recognition, yes. You have to keep in mind that according to Dickinson the X1000 endeavour started in 2007, i.e. way before the release of MorphOS 2.0. And I think you remember how MorphOS development was publically perceived back then.

    Btw, his stance on the MorphOS pricing strategy (150 EUR per licence back then and before availability of Mac G4 version, though):
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