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    Jim wrote:

    64 bit (soon to be 128 bit)

    What? 128 bit processors? Tell us more, please... By the way, I still fail to see usefulness in a 64 bit processor, outside from extremely high end scientific and datacenter environments. Their only advantage is being able to adress an absurd amount of memory in a single space, right?

    By the way, I'd summarize your comparison:


    No market.

    x86 OSes


    And have in mind, most of the advantages you've cited in "x86 OSes" are, actually, exclusive to a vertain VERY popular x86 operating system...


    What advantages does MorphOS bring to the X86 platform?

    Didn't you know yet? Computer fun! Not that there's a market for that, of course.


    I would never attempt to write code on a X86 machine witout a high level programming tool.

    From what I learnt recently about compilers, attempting to write in assembly language simply makes no sense: Their code optimizers are able to do things not even an good assembly coder would dare to.


    If MorphOS moves to the X86 platform, I will stay with Windows.

    Legitimate choice. And it also has its logic. But the idea is not what MorphOS would bring to a different hardware, but what that different hardware (cheap, powerfull, available) would bring to MorphOS.

    Regular people don't even know that a computer has a certain processor. Decades in software development were aimed at that (what a triumph, I'd say).
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