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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > All the four or five of them.

    Dickinson told at VCF that they had already more than 150 betatester applicants.

    ...meaning nothing else than that 150+ people has *sent him an e-mail* because they were curios for more information (not much info was provided in the PR, I actually thought of sending him an e-mail myself just to find out more), and *not* that 150+ people has chipped in the EUR 750 in pre-payment money they require of their beta testers.

    In fact, since e-mailing is so darn quick and easy to do, and totally free of charge, and the fact that they did so much hyping around this, this low number should be a big disappointment to them.

    Even if as many as 1/2 of those would go ahead and actually pre-pay, they *wouldn't come close* to fill their financial fundraiser goal of EUR 75,000...

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