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    > I would suggest tehm to try to build a sub 100 EUR board around
    > the APM 801xx. That chip is dirtiest cheap

    While the chip is cheap I don't think that ACube would be economically able to build a sub 100 EUR board with it. The 440EP and 460EX are just not expensive enough to support your reasoning.
    Maybe the 821xx at about 10 USD extra per chip would be more suited. That wouldn't lead to a sub 100 EUR board either but would have much more bang for only very little more buck than a 801xx based board ;-)

    > and delivers at 800 MHz a little more power (about 1.5 times MIPS wise) than the
    > e300 @ 400MHz.

    Yes, 1.6 times the DMIPS value to be precise. And the 821xx @ 1.0 GHz delivers 2.6 times the DMIPS value of the e300 @ 400 MHz (and 1.6 times the DMIPS value of the 801xx @ 800 MHz).

    > From the specs a nice chip for ultra low price / lowest wattage / low end applications.

    In an AmigaOS/MorphOS context I think the presence of an FPU is mandatory. Does it have one?

    Btw, would you please take a look at this?
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