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    Hello all,

    at the occasion of the Micro Alchimie gathering in France, i'm happy to propose you a new version of Chrysalis pack for MorphOS 3.17.

    This pack allow you to install easiest and quickliest just after a fresh installation of MorphOS 3.17 a preconfigured system. It content a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS. The ISO file is downloadable from MorphOS-Storage.

    Thanks a lot to all developers and users which improve this pack.

    This is the changes list:

    AmiSSL 5.5 68k (AmiSSL Open Source Team)
    Wayfarer 4.3 (Jacek Piszczek)
    TinyGL update 2022-10-19 (bigfoot)
    Lupe 2.1 (Matthias Böcker)
    LiteXL 2.1.0 (George Sokianos)
    AVCodec 1.5 (Andreas Falkenhahn)
    DAPlayer 1.14 (Thomas Rapp)
    SDL 2.24.1 (BeWorld)
    ACE 1.25 + plugins (Philippe Rimauro)
    HotBorder 1.10 (Tcheko)
    Iris 1.4 (Jacek Piszczek)
    BeeBase 1.0 (Steffen Gutmann)
    PintorWeb 3.20 (Templario)
    Starfield 1.0 (Matthias Böcker)
    RNOEffects 1.4 (jPV^RNO)
    ScummVM 2.6.1 (BeWorld)
    PerCIMan 0.7.5 (Ulrich Beckers)
    bePlayer 1.5 (BeWorld)
    AnimWebConverter 5.0 (Templario)
    openssl3.library - November Hotfix for MorphOS 3.17 (MorphOS Team)


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