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    A revised and more useable version of Folio from André Siegel would be great to have.

    Also, SCANdal fixed so it doesn't "block" the USB mechanism when a scanner is unplugged, and fixed so that you can use an Epson 1640SU scanner with it, as currently with Apple hardware since v3.7, though it might be v3.11 as the last useable release, of the SCANdal thread - specifically comments by several users including Amigaharry2 when using it with MorphOS, as it seems there is a communication error bug, or some other bug, that has crept in that stops it working/functioning, so currently you have to load/boot up from an earlier MorphOSBoot CD to be able to use SCANdal v1.6 as a working application with MorphOS, all of which has needed fixing for longer than we should have had to wait for, realistically IMHO.

    Better, improved functionality and hardware support for USB isochronous audio in the MorphOS implementation.

    An update to, or replacement for, the astronomy application Stellarium, as that's not seen any update for years now it seems.

    An office suite/set of applications to allow other ubiquitous OS file formats to be directly read, edited and saved.

    Not forgetting a revitalised/fixed version of PageStream 5 for Amiga/MorphOS with all the bugs "exterminated" and firing on all 5 cylinders/versions.

    [UPDATE] - Christoph(e) Poelzl aka rms has just updated the "Looking for an MUI programmer", message from Deron K. (PageStream 5 for MorphOS)" thread on MorphZone with links to images you can view of screengrabs of PageStream version 5 for MorphOS that is actively being developed by Deron Kazmaier, and currently being beta tested by rms, which is the best news outside of direct MorphOS development that I know of for this year. 8-D
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