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    NewSense wrote:
    It looks like that page, and the Chrysalis Pack for v3.14 is currently offline. Maybe someone from the MorphOS-Storage website, or the WArMUp website team are working on a "tweak" to it, so it may be worth sending a P.M. to papiosaur's profile, or beworld's profile and ask why it's offline, as you're probably not the only one who might want to download it while at home over the Christmas/New Year festive period.

    After all Wayfarer v1.8 might need to be added to it, along with a few other applications that have appeared over the last few weeks, like VectorInk,, hURL v1.1, SDL2 Libs, Final Burn Neo, etc.. 8-D

    Thank you. I have just sent a PM to papiosaur
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