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    Hi all,

    everybody is in the good ;-)

    Thanks for your return and be in peace ;-)

    I install all plugin because i like them :-D
    jPV include Hollywood plugin in his archives, it's good for the user.
    Templario don't install them in his archive and it's better for his server.
    In the pack, many software use the plugins and i cant' install plugins needeed in each software drawer.
    Size of all Hollywood plugin is 16Mb, if all plugins are loaded in memory at startup maybe it's big (i didn't know that).
    Maybe the best solution will be to move LIBS:Hollywood/plugins to another path for example DATA:Hollywood and add an assign like this

    Assign LIBS: SYS:DATA/

    Like that Plugins are not loaded at startup.

    What do you think about that ?

    Thanks for your return ;-)

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