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    > AmigaOS 4 [...] Hasn't been developed by first-party developers for years.

    Regular amigans.net readers know that there are bugfixes and other enhancements that have been and are being added constantly to the OS4 code base and are being used by OS4 beta testers. Without an official release these bugfixes and enhancements won't reach regular OS4 users.

    > AmigaOS 4 [...] boots as slowly as a cut-down Linux disrto

    At least it boots faster than a full-blown Linux distro ;-)

    > because it uses React GUI toolkit but most applications use MUI.

    I don't think the ReAction GUI is a possible cause for slow booting (or perceived overall slowness). You can easily install OS4-native MUI on OS4 and run MUI applications. By doing so, OS4 won't become any faster in running or booting, though.

    > MorphOS [...] has first-party GUI apps like [...] Git

    Git with GUI for MorphOS?

    > AmigaOS 3 [...] Can impress programmers with ability
    > to write code that takes 1-2% of a GiB of RAM.

    10-20 MiB RAM is opulent for many OS3 setups :-)

    > TCP/IP stack...

    3.9 came with AmiTCP :-)
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