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    MorphOS and AmigaOS4:
    The Pros: To use the browser, you can enter in almost all sites without risk to get one virus like with MacOS, Linux and Windows. And they are funny and different to the rest of OSs.
    Cons: We haven't Office, or Libre Office and a good browser to see videos, and we have use old hardware or expensive exclusive hardware like X5000.
    Also we haven't the last games of programs but this problem has the Linux and MacOS users.

    The AmigaOS3.x:
    Pros: Play the classic games. The better computer emulator WinUAE.
    Cons: It is old to work, Internet, play videos etc. it has old programs to work.

    Pros: New expensive hardware.
    Cons: New expensive hadware and expensive software.

    Pros: Free OSs and software and run in all hardware and easy to use and update.
    Cons: It is not Amiga OS. It hasn't the games and programs like Windows, or last games.

    Pros: Run in all Pc machines and much software and games free or paid. The last games.
    Cons: Microsoft. Bill Gates.
    The OS is of paid and the updates can will be a bomb and run out of computer with the classic blue screen.
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