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    The slow government response is even worse when you consider that we've known this has been coming since its predecessor SARS also came from illegal bat traders in China, a trade that has increased despite China's tough laws.

    There was lots of research done on SARS, and the world's scientists tried to get funding for it, but the general response was, "Nah, it's gone now, it can't happen again." So come Covid-19 no vaccine, no control protocols, no antiviral stockpiles, and not even any real knowledge of why this coronavirus kills people and the hundreds of varieties that make up common colds don't.

    One good thing though: I get to laugh at Ron Paul, who is so upset about his cherished political ideas being slaughtered in a few weeks with the realisation that only big government can deal with such outbreaks without mass layoffs or millions of deaths, that he claimed it was all a hoax. Then his son tested positive. Libertarianism, kids: not even once.

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