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    Get away from Chrome as quick as you can. It's well known for privacy violations, but the clincher was for me when I found it spawns a task that scans your whole system, apparently "for applications that might interfere with Chrome", and sends the data back to Google. Absolutely. Not. Acceptable. Worse still, when you delete that file, it spawns a new one. And if you make the file inaccessible to chrome, it spawns a new one in a directory with a different name.

    Firefox Quantum is quite nice, as long as you give it a chance and start fresh and not over the top of an old Firefox. It barely works if you do that.

    I've never had much success with Opera, despite the hype over its user interface. It struggles with some websites and the lack of commonplace extensions is a killer. Maybe I'll look at it again soon, as it's only a matter of time before Firefox bloats out again...
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