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    Kronos wrote:

    Never had an SSD fail and I've ditched mechanical for anything but data storage years ago.

    I've never had one fail either. However, when they do fail, they tend to do it all at once with no warning. No pings, no clicking, no failed SMART. Just a sudden freeze and an undetectable drive on reboot. And as I come from the UK, I only get a year warranty. And as the UK are a bunch of xenophobic right-wing morons, soon I'll only get a three month warranty.


    Bout them being too small under Win, I assume there isn't something like the "FusionDrive" tech in OSX available?

    There are hardware solutions. My chipset is predates this. I don't know any software solutions that work - Windows stuff like ReadyBoost are certainly not that. Besides, constantly moving all your most accessed files back and forth from an SSD, even transparently, sounds like you're making it even more likely to fail.

    And Intel chipsets tend to be like women you pick up in crappy bars. There's a chance you're onto a good one, but a much greater chance you'll soon discover why she was alone in a crappy bar.

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