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    I had one in my PC, but gave it to my parents for their laptop. Performance was bottlenecked by the SATA bus, and having to make symlinks everywhere because it was too small to fit a whole running system on (256 GB) was a pain in the ass. My RAID0 performed not much worse and was much, much, much bigger.

    Then I went back to SSD, tempted by promises of speed - this time an M.2 module on a PCI-E card. It's about 1000 MB/s read and write. But again, most of my stuff, including games, can't be on it (256MB again) and has to be symlinked...

    One of the worrying parts is that this one tracks its wear via SMART. It drops around 1% wear every time I restore an image backup. To reduce wear hibernate must be turned off, and any kind of cache or anything is sager moved to a mechanical drive, which negates the performance enhancement of having it in the first place.

    I could live without it again. Really. When it does I'll probably go back to all-mechanical. It's not so bad if you RAID it.

    Apart from small volume for the buck, writes are the achilles heel of SSD, even today. You won't see that on MorphOS for sure, but on a write-heavy OS like Windows or Linux it feels too much like a ticking timebomb for my liking. For most people that will fall in the lifespan of their computer, but I've been using my PC now for 8 years and will hopefully be using it for 8 more, and I doubt the SSD will survive the trip.
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