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    Well, HardSID is a different product by a different maker than the Catweasel, and it's designed only for SID output, and is really quite well supported given it was the first of its kind on the mass market.

    The Catweasel was meant mainly for non-IBM style floppy disk drives. Mk.3 had an Amiga joystick port, an Amiga keyboard port, and a SID chip, but the first two are likely to be useless unless you use an Amiga with a Mediator board, Amithlon, or MorphOS, and the last one works only in Frodo in MorphOS. Even finding support for the floppy is now really hard unless you run old Linux kernels.

    But anyway, it seems like VICE on MorphOS sucks and needs some attention. It really should be faster.
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