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    I was actually just thinking about the Manomio debacle, where Hyperion sold them the rights to the Commodore kernel they did not actually own, causing them to go under.

    It strikes me as odd that anyone would actually go to Hyperion for such rights, since they make no claims of Commodore, chicken-lips or C64 IP in any way, nor have they been associated with it except via the very old Commodore-Amiga connection. Hype are also desperately short of networking contacts, seeing they're about as popular as a leper with explosive diarrhoea in an intensive care ward.

    One source of this could have been Jens, since iComp are practically the only company still in speaking terms with Hyperion. If Jens himself has bought Commodore rights from Hyperion too, he'd be in very deep doo-doo.
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