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    Netflix didn't work natively on Linux for a very long time either. You had to install a package that used Windows Firefox under WINE, which was as slow as all hell and which put it out of reach for early decade laptops running Linux. Now it runs on Chrome, which is still icky because most Linux users don't like Chrome in their b0xen stealin all their privacies. (And also runs on native Firefox too - at least most of the time - although a lot of distros hate DRM and won't have anything to do with it.)

    Once the DRM tightened up again on Netflix maybe 6-7 years ago, it became problematic even for non-mainstream Android devices to watch Netflix. I used to get a black screen on my tablet and had to revert to a much older version of the app, which thankfully still works.

    TLDR: DRM, no Wine, and no Android emulators.

    And Netflix is one of the more friendly DRM-protected services: it's very tolerant of using older versions of access, so no worries about older browsers or Android versions. Most of the others (i.e. Amazon) are far worse.
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