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    Well there you go, if you still need to use NTFS or EXT then I recommend you use Piru's new tar build to backup files. They will keep the Amiga attributes but all files still be accessible from all other systems in the event of disaster. It's also a better use of space as the cluster size on most NTFS filesystems wastes loads of physical space with lots of relatively small files such as from a MorphOS system. Not to mention the mess it makes of the MFT.

    I think it may be "safer" to store one giant file on NTFS as well rather than lots of little ones, but don't quote me on that.

    Tar isn't very flexible (being mostly just a sequential blob of concatenated files), so it's not the kind of backup where you can easily or quickly restore a single file. But it's extremely robust and reliable and there's really not much at all can go wrong with it: there's no index to get corrupted and will still unpack even if the file itself is truncated.

    ...but all this of course doesn't fix Ambient's memory leak.
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