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    Not much to say really. Tend to be much more minimalist than UK retailers like Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Morrisons. No in-shop restaurants or delikatessens, mainly just near and well-ordered shelves of stuff.

    Tend not to focus on big brands or deals-juggling and more on generic European goods (which will no doubt go through the roof in price here after Brexit). Are almost always outside town with very large car parks and don't tend to ever operate smaller stores. You will never find handy stores in town like Co-op or Sainsbury's.

    They take advantage of the UK's Universal Credit system to take multiple people on for low hour part time contracts while having the state pay for most of their rent, but possibly not quite as much as the other big names, and mostly in their warehouses. I'm not aware of them particularly mistreating employees.
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