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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Liability is with the shareholders, not with the directors

    > Section 4
    > [...] Hope that helps.

    Yes, thanks. So nobody is personally liable in a CVBA, not even the shareholders. KennyR's "CVBA" vs. "limited liability company" makes even less sense then.

    At the current state, if Hyperion were to go down, Ben would lose every cent he put into it. So would the shareholders. They wouldn't be liable directly to pay the company's debts, but then I never said they would be; not that it matters, if Ben has taken out loans of his own to put into Hyperion, he ends up in debt just the same.

    You know he's just playing games to try to get at least some of his money back out of this, don't you? There's no way a company that may be in as much as a million of debt buy selling a 20 euro OS to a community of 300 people, can ever come back from that.
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