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    As far as I'm concerned, the argument isn't that Hyperion WILL go bankrupt, but what the endgame is. Clearly Ben enjoys his legal games.

    Rumours of sales of OS4 in violation the company suspension via a private Paypal account. (Which I deeply hope are untrue, as this may result in actual jail time for those involved.)

    Giving away "free copies" of OS4 with AmigaFuture. Another attempt to circumvent the company suspension, or to make OS4 look better to a new buyer, or simply quietly plug in holes in the books? Who knows.

    Now the claims from Ben that Hyperion are a limited liability company and not a CVBA, so the directors (or possibly just him) can escape any personal debt and leaving the liquidators with nothing but ashes. I swear sometimes it seems the guy thinks he can just walk away with the IP and leave everyone else with debt.

    Ah well. It's not as if we ever tired of warning the OS4 guys what they were getting into, and it's not as if they ever listened...
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