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    > what have Hyperion [...] really invested to further an new Amiga platform?

    Figures from 2013:

    > the current Amiga Inc. isn't the company that Amino Development granted rights to.

    I'm not sure I can correctly parse this. Of course, Amiga Inc. isn't Hyperion.

    > Amiga Inc. went bankrupt.

    Interestingly, Amino (Amiga Inc. Washington) has continued to exist to this day, in parallel to Amiga Inc. Delaware (KMOS). That's why Hyperion is currently suing both (plus the alleged interim copyright owner, Itec).

    > So why wouldn't both Genesi and the MorphOS development team have a partial claim?
    > Development work occurred before Bill McEwen played his shell game, didn't it?
    > That establishes a prior relationship with the previous IP holder. As it does Hyperion's.

    You completely lost me here. I can't make any sense of this, sorry.

    > considering his experience with ITEC, McEwen should have been more experienced
    > at slick wheeling and dealing.

    McEwen's experience with Itec? What do you mean in particular?
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