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    > Some here has problem with reality.


    > Facts are: [...] 1.3 is included in 3.1

    This is only a fact in some people's head, like yours and Ben Hermans'.

    > exec 3.1 is as a whole in assembler as in 1.3
    > trackdisk 3.1 is as a whole in assembler as in 1.3
    > audio 3.1 is 80% in assembler as in 1.3
    > changes in trackdisk, audio from 1.3 to 3.1 are only bug fixes.
    > [...] exec 3.1 is still only a set of patches to exec 1.3

    Even if the programming language hasn't changed for these three specific components, they do not make up 1.3. If they didn't change from 1.3 to 3.1, a factually correct statement to make would be that exec library, trackdisk device and audio device of 1.3 are included in 3.1. But as they did change in fact (as you admit), even this is not true.
    As said, a license for a specific version of a software does not automatically extend to prior versions of that same software, no matter how few or minuscule the changes might have been.
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