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    rob wrote:

    I don't think either company is some kind of white knight in the episode, tempting as to may be to absolve Cloanto of any wrong doing simply due to a despisal of Ben Hermans. Taking the Amiga brand by stealth is pretty shady

    The trademark was set free, and Cloanto filed a registration for it. No reason to picture it as a ”shady stealth operation”, it was formally correct and happened right in the open. Besides, they are the owner of Amiga and the other Commodore copyrights, so it’s their moral right to own the trademark as well. They are the oldest Amiga company around, almost as old as Commodore Amiga itself. And they are doing great things. Couldn’t think of any more suitable, rightful owner of the brand.


    Hyperion don't have the right to open source the OS. It explicitly stated they don't in the settlement agreement.

    The settlement ”agreement” is with a company (Amiga Inc) who no longer owns or controls the Commodore Amiga copyrights that the agreement deals with, which makes ”the settlement” kind of worthless. A more correct description is that Hyperion can’t open source the OS without Cloanto’s permission (OS4, and the entire ”Boing Ball Branch”, builds on Cloanto owned copyrighted source code)

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