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    Only one person criticising Acill here. And I guarantee if Andreas himself was ever in the situation where he had to give a presentation on no notice and told to hurry it along, he's almost certainly stutter and repeat himself over and over and say the occasional stupid thing. Because that's what almost everyone does. I personally learned the hard way to politely decline if that's done to me, but that option was of course not open to Acill as he'd come all this way. I thought he did rather well, considering.

    I'm critising Amiwest instead. If Trevor spoke too long, then he should have been cut. If OS4 crashed too often, it should have been cut. They got their time slots and it was their fault they overran them, whether sponsors or not. It really hasn't been the first time where it's MorphOS or AROS who end up squeezed between the "main acts".
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