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    Jim schrieb:

    So...your input?

    As others said: I don't care. I am very glad MorphOS left all this Amiga darma behind. Yes, MorphOS has quite an Amiga heritage, but it isn't Amiga. It's MorphOS. hence ratherI don't care about Amiga nor about companies that make astronomical expensive hardware that get sold in homeopatic doses.

    MorphOS as it is runs fine, 3.10 (if it wil get ever released;-) )will make it even better. we have plenty ppc hardware that reached the top ppc can reach. And for the next decade MorphOS will eventually shift to x64. Pace colud be faster though, but let's keep it realistic. In 2020 we may have a first x64 release. Till about then the old apple kit will last.

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