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    OK...this is going to sound a little weird, but something occurred to me this weekend, so I thought I'd post it to you guys for feedback.
    Recently there have been some that have mentioned that it would be in OS4's best interests if the rights to the property were transferred to Aeon.
    Now we have no vested interest in this OS, but think about that for a moment.
    Aeon distributes through AmigaKit, and were OS4 to be exclusive to Aeon, its likely that distribution would be relegated to AmigaKit.
    Also, platforms not produced or supported by Aeon, might not be considered as candidates for porting.
    It doesn't sound like a big deal, but that might cut out the T2080 laptop project and could threaten anything Acube (or anyone else) might want to do independent of Aeon or AmigKit.
    And considering that Timothy De Groote is aware of the laptop project and is open to discussing a port is significant.

    There is the argument that Aeon's control of AOS would allow for more rapid development. I do not know that that is a given, but its not our concern. Nor would impeding OS4 development be in our favor, as the competition tends to spur us both forward. So...development issues aside...

    But, do we really want control of the market to be centralized around Aeon and AmigaKit, or would it be better for all variants of Amiga if there was a multiplicity of players?

    Personally, I'm changing my stance on this one.
    I support the status quo, which in a weird way, I guess means I support Hyperion.
    Doesn't mean I'm any bigger a fan of Ben Herman's.
    I just think that a broader effort benefits us all.

    And, if the bug bit me, and I got the urge to buy a copy of OS4, I wouldn't want to have to wait to have it shipped from England.
    Plus, if I had hardware I'd like to see supported by more than one NG OS, I don't think I'd like to have to approach a company with a vested interest in preventing hardware competition for a port of OS4.

    So...your input?
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