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    roschmyr wrote:
    where is here the problem, it is not your time and "manpower"

    I know, MorphOS is a hobby project, everyone can develop what he wants...
    Do you still remember times of version 1.4? Your ISO didn't have a TCP/IP stack but a Tetris clone :-(


    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    last time I tried SimpleMail IMAP worked somehow but was rather crashy.

    Feel free to report the bug here
    You know Outlook if someone is sending you a vcf? Just double-click it.
    Okay, so I wrote a small ARexx script, now SimpleMail (MOS, OS3, OS4, AROS) has the same feature.


    jacadcaps wrote:
    22 years? Perhaps that's why it does not handle IMAP very well. Not to mention it relying on obscure 3rd party MCCs that still werent updated to use proper frames and looks on MorphOS, making the whole app look out of place.

    SimpleMail was written 2000. Well, its IMAP is not perfect but far better than POP ;-)
    In my opinion an OS needs good components (more drivers etc.), less applications (except a browser).

    Let's take a look at Unicode support:
    * Linux bash? check
    * macOS bash? check
    * even Windows cmd? check
    * MorphOS MUICON? fail
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