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    Jupp3 wrote:
    And as for Jens, has everyone already forgotten about him angrily dropping all (promised) MorphOS support, due to some disagreements with Genesi? You know, the same Genesi that MorphOS development team also had disagreements with...

    It was something to do with a taxi fare or stall fee, AFAIR. I don't know whether Jens was in the right or in the wrong, but his behaviour at the show where it happened was childish and unacceptable, according to neutral observers. Apparently he sat and mumbled and spat pithy comments -- all night.

    This led to him declaring that MorphOS would not be supported on the Catweasel, which is ironic since MorphOS and Amithlon are the only operating systems to support it natively as a true drive (via OpenPCI), and MorphOS is the only platform where Frodo (or indeed anything else??) can use the SID chip. I know this because I sat with itix for three hours while he remotely gave me betas to try on mine until one worked.

    It is also ironic because Jens never supports any platform with software ever. His products like the Catweasel go forgotten or with most of their features unused.

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