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    rob wrote:
    A quick browse of the Currys website show plenty of TVs that still have SCART, including a top end Sony Bravio 55" 4K TV. It may not be prominently advertised as a feature any more but it's often still there when you look at the full specs. SCART is pretty useless outside Europe although it's easier to convert to another RGB source such as component RGB, which seems to be present on TVs that don't have SCART.

    My current TV, some {Edit: YEARS} old, has SCART, but the SCART ports don't support S-video. A converter only changes the connector, not the signal. Anything S-video I output will end up in black and white.

    It seems S-video is a lot more popular in the US. I don't think I've seen an S-video connector since the late 80s here, except on a Slingbox and my old DVD-Rec, which is why I know that my TV isn't capable of taking it. The DVD-Rec supports S-video, both native and through SCART.

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