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    Yasu wrote:

    I know, I'm just messing with you :-)

    But it is interesting that 4.2 has gone from "almost finished" in 2010 to "not even close to finished" in 2014-2016. Pretty much the opposite of how things usually go. It's also interesting that there isn't a single demo out there, not even pre-alpha, showing off the new features. Only a couple of blog posts explaining how they should work. We are told that it will be great, but not shown it, even after some 6 years.

    Not to throw rocks at anyone, but it does start to smell an awful lot like vaporware.

    Well, it is finished. Just not the way they thought it would be :) Like I keep saying, Hyperion Entertainment died as a company in December 2006. After that, they could no longer fund development and had to rely on the good will of developers, which eventually dried up. OS4 is dead, dead, dead. Joined the choir eternal. etc.

    And why? Because the OS4 crowd completely diverged from the Amiga in every conceivable way: either they didn't remember what made it a great machine, they never knew, or they were in intentional denial. Every popular computer system in history has been popular because of its userbase, and that was even more true of the 80s Amiga. Userbase attracts commercial investment. Userbase produces art, music, and innovation. It is progressive, iterative cycle. Get your usebase right, and you don't need to worry about the hardware.

    I see this mistake repeated again and again in the MorphOS platform too. We got a headstart because of Genesi's free boards and cheap boards, and Genesi's willingness to support software development. It was nothing to do with hardware spec, and everything to do with availability and something to actually use that hardware for. Yup, we got the more skilled devs in the long run, but guess why?
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