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    >> a specific chassis was discussed awhile ago.

    >This may be, but a week ago there was still no decision arrived at, as reported in the linked status update.

    Yes, but the point is we do more than discuss, we get scheisse done.

    The design, when laid out, should lend itself to reworking as a mini itx board.

    One thing I've been thinking about is would you keep the MXM connector, or and a PCI-E slot?
    The former would make everything much more compact, but the later allows for more powerful graphics (then again, how much power does MorphOS need).

    Periodically a vendor for Cadence Allegro contacts me to see if I want to upgrade my design software.
    If the layouts get done (and Acube is ready to strt them), I may just have to blow the $1500.

    If I had a functional layout, I have contacts that could build the prototypes.

    After all, my company used to build hardware in the '80s and '90s.
    Its just a LOT more complicated now.
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