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    Cego wrote:
    dude, i think some of you dont get the point.

    the situation is not about "slow cpu" vs "faster cpu"

    its rather "slow cpu" vs. "nothing at all". so be grateful that at least somethings still coming. we're not a huge community and its not like we can choose everything we dream about. What have you done for the community? maybe thats the question you should ask yourself.

    Did I just walk into the Twilight Zone? Why exactly should a MorphOS user be grateful A-Eonkit will be selling a Raspberry Pi class motherboard for an exorbitant amount of money? A board that the MorphOS Team have rightfully stated would be a waste of time supporting?

    Also, why do you even pose a question about "done for the community"? The only thing end users need to do is vote with their dollars. A-Eonkit are running a commercial business, not a nonprofit charity.

    This board won't be for sale with a working OS4.1 port until at least 2018. Do you really expect people to pretend like a ~500Euro rpi level board in 2018 will be a good idea?
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